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Calmes for GA House

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I believe I'm a person with a servant's heart. I have a passionate desire to help families who are facing numerous challenges

My Platform

While serving in the Georgia State Legislature, I plan to work across the aisle:

  •  to uphold every citizen’s right to equal justice under the law;

  •  to provide access to quality, affordable healthcare, including mental health;

  •  to provide access to a high- quality education.

  • to provide every worker with a living wage;

  • to provide affordable housing opportunities;

  • to attract places of employment that provide benefits for employees.

  • To conserve clean air and water in our state.

My Life Story

Early Life

I was raised in Iowa by a stay at home mother and a father who worked as a design engineer for the Maytag Company.  My mom and dad’s activities in community and church organizations taught me the importance of being an active citizen in our democracy. I grew up in the Congregational Church, where my dad served as Deacon for many years.  He was also a Mason and Shriner.  My mother was in Eastern Star and in a philanthropic organization that raised money for children in need.

Education and Family

Following graduation from Newton High School, I attended Cottey College for two years, then married my childhood sweetheart.  He was in the Air Force during the Vietnam War, serving in California and Alaska.  I graduated from the University of Alaska majoring in Sociology with minors in Psychology and English. After he left the service, we settled in Omaha, Nebraska with our young child.  Two more children came while we lived in Omaha.  We moved to Georgia when my husband was promoted to manage a poultry plant in Gainesville.  We divorced soon after and I became a single mother.  A Master’s in Behavioral Sciences was earned from North Georgia College in 1978.

State of Georgia Service

With a family to support and a passion to serve those in need, I pursued a career with social service agencies in Georgia.  During my first ten years, I specialized in the adoption of special needs children and large sibling groups for Family and Children’s Services.  Next I worked for the State Board of Pardons and Paroles supervising high risk parolees with extensive needs for mental health and substance abuse services.   I taught parolees cognitive skills in small classes.  My focus was on respecting each person in my caseload in order to increase their prospects for success.  In 1996 I was promoted to manage a parole office in Dahlonega covering Lumpkin, White, Dawson, Union and Towns counties.  While there I also served on the Enotah Circuit Task Force on Family Violence, chairing the task force for three years.  Among other things I arranged for the training of law enforcement professionals.  I also established gardens honoring Victims and Survivors of Family Violence in the above counties.

Retirement and Volunteer Organizations

For the past 22 years, I have been helping to raise several of my grandchildren for a daughter who has substance abuse issues and [who had eight children serving in voluntary organizations in my community].   As a longtime member of a philanthropic and educational organization, I have been raising money for women’s higher education.  I joined Daughters of the American Revolution in 2009 and have been active in promoting Constitution Week and Conservation issues for many years.  I’m also a member of Colonial Dames, 17th Century, Mayflower Society, 1812 Society, Daughters of American Colonists, and National Society Barons and Dames of the Magna Carta.  In addition, I have been a member of Grace Epsicopal Church serving in several different capacities since 1978.

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